Why is Mobile Important?

When developing and creating new products, mobile technologies affords the marketer an extremely useful new tool. Product, one element of the marketing mix, can be helped by mobile technologies.

Instead of holding focus groups, marketers can use the mobile apps, surveys, and comments sections to receive valuable feedback. First of all, most of your mobile users have already bought the product that is being sold. Otherwise they would not have been asked to rank a product, comment on its uses, or provide feedback. As a marketer, you already have these customers locked down. The ability to contact these users to see their impressions of a product is incredibly valuable. It will give you, the marketer, a better idea of how to approach these consumers and ones like them in the future. In addition, this mobile approach could create a more organic answer from the participants. Without the pressure of conducting a focus group in person, it may encourage a customer to be more honest on their review of the product.

The speed of the feedback from mobile users will be extremely fast. By allowing them to give feedback from their cellphones, they can give feedback at their convenience. It is possible to do the survey at any time. Making it great for marketers trying to collect data.

The marketing mix is heavily supported by mobile technology. Place is also supported by mobile devices. Now technology, such as apps, can be accessed virtually anywhere. Apps also have the ability to be accessed by those of different demographics. This can be important to a marketer. It should be able to let them know who their target market is in the future.

So how much mobile marketing practices should your firm use? It really depends on the market you are trying to reach. If your market is a younger generation, by all means reach them through mobile technologies. If your target group less technologically savvy, it may be wise to go with more traditional methods. Typically, mobile technologies are much more cost effective than using traditional marketing methods. The cost effectiveness of mobile marketing could free up funds for other components of the marketing mix.

Overall, it is important to take mobile technology into consideration when trying to improve a marketing mix. By utilizing these technologies and following best practices you can work towards a more effective campaign .


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