Offsite SEO: An Important Element of Digital Marketing

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Backlinks add value to websites and contribute to higher page rank.

Offsite SEO is another part of SEO. Offsite SEO is, using links to build authority for a site. According to class lecture and Moz, “offsite signals constitute for approximately ⅔ of the current Google algorithm.” Users can build links by posting a site link to other sites. While posting to other sites helps to build authority with Google there are both high and low quality sites for link building. The best places to post links are on “do follow sites”. “Do follow sites help to aid a site with ranking. No follow sites are not assets to those trying to improve SEO. Great places to create do follow links for a site include,Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. Other forms of social media that are positive factors of SEO are Blogs, Tumblr, and Pinterest. By posting a link to your site on one of these profiles you can drive user traffic to your site and consequently  aid the SEO for your site. Using blog sites such as Reddit are especially beneficial because you can put your link under topics that draw the attention of users interested in the same content. With this, users have the ability to draw more attention to their sites than on random sites. Googling, “top do follow sites” will help a user find options to place their links. Commenting on other blogs is a good way to build links. Link exchange is also a valuable tool. That involves finding another site to link to your site and then doing the same for them. An even more effective way is three way link exchange (Sutton). Site A links to Site B, Site B links to Site C, and finally Site C links back to Site A. All of these techniques are proven to increase SEO.

Increasing SEO is possible for any user. Understanding basic principles and practices are important to effectively increasing SEO. Link building, site editing, and content posting can be time consuming but they will aid a site in achieving a  higher site rank on Google. Looking to increase SEO is possible for anyone if they follow the correct paths.

Here are a few additional tips that can be beneficial to marketers trying to make the most out of Offsite SEO principles. I mentioned before that social media platforms are great places to place links and create link juice. Using these social media platforms can also be a way to connect with friends and get them to share your pages and information. Most social media platforms like Tumblr, Twitter, and Reddit allow you to follow certain types of pages within the site. This way you can find users already interested in topic that will more than likely contribute and interact with your link or post. A second tip for offsite SEO would be to start blogging. As a marketer, if you’re looking to promote your company, creating a blog with unique content can be a great way to increase site rank. You can use the blog to talk about related content, incorporate links, and drive people to the site. Creating a blog with plenty of backlinks and relevant content works really well to contribute to page rank. Utilizing social bookmarking sites is a third tip to help Offsite SEO. Social bookmarking sites such as Reddit, Delicious, and StumbleUpon help to drive users to your site through submissions. Moz says that you need to be careful in which tags you use to really reap the full benefits of Offsite SEO. Using YouTube is another way to create some Offsite SEO traffic. While YouTube is a no follow site you can create video and product reviews or topic videos that relate to your website. This way when people watch or view your website online they can find the video link in the bio and follow it to your site for additional information.

There are many different ways to optimize a site through Offsite SEO. Link building is a principle that can be easy to do but needs a great deal of practice to get the most out of a link. Following basic Offsite SEO principles, with a little practice is great for any marketer.


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