The Importance of Mobile Technologies in Digital Marketing Mixes

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Mobile Technologies are becoming increasingly important for digital marketers looking to create successful campaign

Increasingly, we as consumers as well as marketers have become reliant on mobile technologies. The days of sitting down at a desktop computer to search a topic are long gone. Setting out time during a busy work schedule to sit at a desktop is now just an inconvenience. Digital Marketing with mobile technologies also works to keep budgets low but reach the most people. With that being said, digital marketers need to look to mobile technologies to build successful campaigns.

According to Primal Digital Marketing, “an estimated 87% of people shop using their cellphones.” In order to serve this overwhelming majority of the market, marketers can turn to mobile friendly sites to reach out to the largest group of potential customers. To make shopping, searching and reviewing products and services online digital marketers need to ensure that their sites and advertisements are mobile friendly. Having a mobile friendly site is an important piece to completing the user experience puzzle. Sites that take too long to load, are difficult to navigate, and are clogged with images and pop-ups are are the quickest to drive potential customers away. In order to reach the 87% of customers who shop online having a clean, concise, and mobile friendly site is key. Digital marketers can select mobile themes and alter websites to a mobile version to better serve customers. Doing this will keep customers coming back instead of heading back to the search results.

In today’s world, we often don’t leave the house without our cellphones. Digital marketers can benefit from mobile technologies through an increase of sales. On great feature of online mobile marketing are call extensions. Businesses that advertise with Google or have mobile friendly sites have the option to embed a phone number right onto their site. These call extensions make it easy for customers to ask a question or make a purchase with just a click. By omitting mobile advertisements with call extensions, marketers are missing out on a large customer base. When we make things easy for potential customers, there is a greater chance that they will come back or convert for a purchase. Because cellphones allow us to research and convert to purchase, they make the buying process a lot simpler. In turn, it increases the amount of potential impressions, clicks, and sales a company can get.

One final reason that mobile technologies are worth pursuing in digital marketing is because they allow companies to engage with their consumers. With Google AdWords┬ámarketers can see how users are interacting with their site. With mobile technologies, marketers can really see from the customers themselves how their interactions with their products or services went. It’s much easier for a user to snap a photo, take a review video, or write up a short review on a cellphone than it would be on a desktop. It allows the customer to post their thoughts as well as get the companies response in real time. If these features were not available, many may omit this process because it is a hassle to take time and sit down for a review. Mobile technologies significantly decrease the middle time in the buying process. Instead of dragging out the process a shopper can research, purchase, and review right from their phone. If this process wasn’t as condensed companies could risk losing more companies. Social media apps are another feature of mobile technologies that allows companies to engage with their audience. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are great places for companies to promote their brands. They can be real, casual, and relatable with customers. These features were not always possible with traditional marketing practices. Digital marketers can keep content fun, light, and current which keeps customers coming back to see what is new. Customers can leave reviews, comment their thoughts, and give advice all in real time. Marketers can also visit the social media sites of their customers to see what other insights they can gather. Social media sites are easy to access on mobile devices which make them great to keep coming back to as a consumer.

Ease, insight, cost, and engagement are all reasons that mobile technologies have become increasingly important to marketing campaigns. Utilizing mobile technologies in marketing campaigns can add to the success of business endeavors for marketers.

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