Display Ads for Programmatic Campaigns

Display Ads are a great way for businesses to advertise to customers that are searching for content similar to their product. With Display Ads for programmatic campaigns, businesses can advertise on websites that are relevant to their product or service in an effort to entice potential customers.

The Display Network reaches customers earlier in the buying cycle (Google AdWords). The advertiser can catch a potential buyer earlier in the buying cycle because they introduce the customer to their product as they are looking for something similar. In the Search Network, consumers are already looking for the product or service. The Display Network cuts out the middle work and introduces a relevant product to a potential consumer before they actually go to buy a product or service.

The Display Ads allow businesses to place ads on websites, videos, or even apps. There are many different types of Display Ads that can be show on the Display Network such as: text, video, image or rich media format. To learn more about the Display Network, visit this page. Using colorful and attention grabbing images and video on sites that are visited by your customers can make Display ads relevant and beneficial to your business. Adding Display Ads to a businesses marketing toolbox can be incredibly important. Reaching out to customers on the web expands the possible outreach of traditional marketing forms. You can also employ marketing techniques specific to display ads such as remarketing. In addition, marketers who use display ads as part of their programmatic campaigns can gain insight on how customers view and use different websites. This information can be important to creating new ads and appealing to potential customers in the future. It is also relevant to remember that Display ads are run through Google AdWords, which allows the user to set budgets and other settings that can easily be altered to fit the needs of a users account.

Google’s Display Network offers options beyond Search to marketers trying to gain customers through alternative ad formats.