Mobile Technologies in Digital Marketing Mixes

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The marketing mix in mobile technologies

Mobile technologies have become increasingly important for digital marketers. The traditional marketing mix has taken on new roles in the wave of technological dependence. Mobile technologies, and the importance of them, have caused marketers to approach the marketing mix differently. Customers can use technology to search for products and services from virtually anywhere. Using targeting techniques, marketers can choose which places to show their advertisements online.  Products can be advertised on Display and Search Networks using Google AdWords. These diverse promotions methods can increase the chances of customer conversion. Marketers can also use Offsite and Onsite SEO principles to reach customers. Digital marketing tools such as Google AdWords allows marketers to set price points for their campaigns and works to keep advertisers from spending too much on their campaigns. Lowering advertising costs can result in lower prices for consumers as well. Overall, it is important for marketers to understand the role of mobile technologies in digital marketing to build a successful campaign.